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Optimize your supply chain network with SENSAI: AI Assistant for Supply Chain Network Design.

Supply Chain Leaders

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Make decisions based on hard data. Now you can create alternative scenarios, balance multiple KPIs, and connect decisions across your supply chain.

It’s fast and easy.

See it in action. No credit card required.

The top choice for complex supply chains

Trusted by supply chain teams at leading global companies

process manufacturing customers

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Lower costs, improve service levels, drive sustainability, and mitigate risks.

You’ll move at the speed of disruption with master data in the cloud.

Complete projects within weeks, not months

“With AIMMS, the time saving is around 50%. Because the baseline data is available, we don’t have to pull that data, so that’s an improvement versus a manual perspective.”

Liam Costello
Global Supply Chain Logistics Manager at Intel
visualize your supply chain

Easily visualize and understand your current supply chain

Model your base network
visualize your supply chain

Create a digital twin of your supply chain. It’s just like a map, right inside your planning platform.

Validate your model to make sure it represents reality

Create the basis for building a future business case

Get it done in 6 weeks with our partners or build your own

run scenario modeling

Test different scenarios and create optimal designs

Run scenario modeling
run scenario modeling

Understand how disruption will impact your strategic plans. Then prepare for the risks and opportunities of volatility.

Respond to potential outcomes

Expose hidden risks in your network

Quantify optimization opportunities

balance multiple objectives

Identify critical trade-offs

Balance multiple objectives
balance multiple objectives

Pull in multiple KPIs so you can evaluate and balance the trade-offs between metrics.

Compare scenarios to make smart trade-offs

Create custom objectives with any unit of measure

Model sustainability trade-offs for compliance

Supply chain leaders rely on AIMMS to back up their recommendations to stakeholders

Add weight to investment decisions

Before AIMMS, we might have thought that this is the right thing to do, but we can’t prove it. Now we have access to the data that underpins our recommendations.

David Mackenzie
Transformation and Inventory Director at BT

Answer any question in a few clicks

I want to be able to answer any capacity question that senior stakeholders can possibly ask within a few clicks. And now we can easily do this with our Brewery Capacity Model, built on AIMMS.

Wilko Sierksma
Director Global Planning at Heineken

澳洲幸运5开奖官网开奖计划 Your team spends less time on data production. You get faster outcomes and better data for stakeholder conversations.

With AIMMS you proactively design your supply chain for business growth.

  • Build a digital twin of your supply chain network
  • “What if” scenarios show the impact on costs and margins
  • Capture your KPIs and represent the business rules as constraints
  • Run Greenfield analysis (GFA) or Center of gravity analysis
  • Digital Twin as a Service (DTaaS) makes getting started easy
  • Assess the trade-offs between different criteria
  • Multiple scenarios provide alternative options for stakeholders
  • Include KPIs for sustainability
  • Delivered as a SaaS software
  • ISO security standards
  • Online community
  • Customized training and support

See it in action. No credit card required.

Join leading supply chain teams that drive their growth plans with AIMMS

"Implementation has been done in record time."

"Excellent support. Vendor has a deep understanding."

"Best productivity in an analytics software."

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Take the first step towards optimizing your supply chain network – choose the right solution for your business needs. Get insights in this Gartner report.

gartner market guide for SCND tools

Get a deeper understanding of how our capabilities can solve your supply chain problems.

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